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Forensic Medicine


The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology provides teaching, training and certification of Medico-legal work. Law and medicine have been interrelated and interdependent since antiquity. There are two important facets of this relationship, the legal aspects of medicine and the medical aspects of law. Forensic Medicine deals with the medical aspect of law and the impact of law on medical practice.


It imperative for medical man to know laws that are relevant to his profession to understand his position in relation to state, patients, colleagues and others so that he can practice his profession according to legal dictates.

Mission Statement:

“To prepare the future doctors to fulfill their medico-legal duties with confidence and the medico-legal problems no more remains their bet noire”

Department Goals:

To provide comprehensive knowledge of the subject and to create conducive teaching and learning environment. To introduce different effective methods of teaching and learning i.e., Small group discussions (SGD), Team-Based Learning (TBL), etc.