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Gynecology and Obstetrics


The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al-Aleem Medical College is a fully functional unit providing Obstetric and Gynecology services to women from all spectra of life. The Department is currently being head by Prof. Najia Anjum and consists of two units.
The outpatient clinic is consultant led and is being conducted six days a week with 35-50 patients being registered everyday. Admissions to the wards are done on OPD as well as emergency basis, including antenatal and gynecological patients for evaluation, monitoring and management whether it is medical or surgical management.
The indoor consists of 80 beds arranged in separate bays which are classified as emergency, antenatal, labor ward, postnatal, gynecology, pre-operative, postoperative and high dependency wards. The indoor services, provided to the patients, are free of cost. These include admission, investigations, clinical services (medical and surgical treatment), nursing services, meals and hospital stay.
The teaching faculty consists of professor, associate professors, assistant professors and senior registrars who perform clinical duties as well as teach and train the students of Al-Aleem medical college and Gulab Devi Educational Complex.


The prime vision of our teaching program in obs-gyne is to enhance and direct the development of young medical doctors so that they can serve with distinction. The core program will be based on acquisition, storage and retrieval of knowledge, clinical and academic skills and essential human qualities of empathy to produce safe and efficient doctors.


Our mission is to develop various components of doctor-patient relationship including the in-depth medical knowledge and skills, observable demonstration of sympathy, objectivity and professional conduct with critical attitude towards medical literature and research work.

Department Goals:

  • Clinical practices build on a good knowledge of basic health sciences (e.g. anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology) applied to obs/gyne.
  • Communication skills to obtain pertinent history from patient or husband/family
  • How to approach a sick female and perform physical examination of all systems
  • Analyze data to formulate a logical conclusion and plan a management plan
  • Order appropriate investigations
  • Ability and skills to perform obstetric & gynecological procedures
  • Care of the newborn and know common neonatal diseases
  • Obstetrics and gynecological emergencies and their management
  • Active participation in research and publications
  • Ethics of gynaecological medicine and maintenance of medical records and follow-up
  • Advise the community on matters relating to promoting health and preventive care
  • Participate actively in didactic lecture/presentations, CPC and journal club
  • Recognize the role of team work and function as an effective team member
  • Supervise/train professionals and the junior member of the team