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Medical Education


The Department of Medical Education oversees the academic mission of the college and strives continuously to enhance the quality of medical education.The department provides centralized support for all educational activities in the college. It serves as an academic home for the faculty, and unites the core teaching faculty from across the college, with a sole focus on the educational mission of the college. The DME has an oversight and management of all aspects of the medical curriculum as well as student assessment and course evaluation. We also support the delivery of the programme, the lifelong development of the faculty and the innovative learning activities that utilize simulations (through clinical skill laboratory) and standardized patients. The DME members serve in a variety of educational college committees including curriculum committee, institutional review board, student counseling committee, and assessment committee.


The department shall be a center of excellence in promoting medical education in health profession.

Mission Statement:

To support and integrate the educational activities of AL-Aleem Medical College through curriculum oversight, innovation educational techniques, latest assessment and evaluation methodologies, student-centered environment, and research activities.


The core values that guide our conduct and form the foundation of our performance are:
  • Integrity.
  • Excellence in medical education.
  • Student centricity.
  • Ethical practice.
  • Patients’ priority.
  • Collaboration and team work.
  • Compassion and empathy.
  • Dedication.
  • Excellence in learning environment.
  • Service provision.

Department Goals:

  • To assure optimal delivery of the curriculum.
  • To accelerate adoption of active and engaged learning across the curriculum.
  • To support research activities.
  • Service provision to other departments.
  • To build capacity of the academic staff.
  • To develop our students into physicians who can provide patient-centered care and fulfill the community needs.
  • To collaborate with local national and worldwide educational institutions.