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Syed Shahid Ali Shah

President Managing Body

Al Aleem Medical College took place in 2017 in Gulab Devi Hospital. I see those days very near when these doctors would become pioneers in detecting and devising optimal methods of management in these specialties especially geared for the indigenous presentations of these disease in our country. Taking each student’s individuality into consideration is an indisputable factor in their success, which is why a personalized pedagogic relationship is one our teaching priorities, and the educational personnel is ready to provide help and confidence to the students to accompany them in their learning and schooling.

Dr. Abid Ali

Project Director

As a part of Al Aleem Medical college, you have a intrinsic role of contributing the best you can, in creating a comfortable home to dwell by harmoniously studding and cooperating with the other students and staff with in the frame work stipulated by rules and regulations.During our 5-year program students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to deliver, under supervision, the highest level of safe patient care, and will be able to communicate and interact effectively with patients and colleagues. Students will also develop the confidence required to become future leaders of healthcare sector..I hope that Al Aleem will continue to scale new heights and our students will serve the society by utilizing the experience.

Prof. Dr. Hamid Hassan


I welcome you to Al Aleem Medical College, with a vision to uplift the medical education in Pakistan. Al Aleem Medical college is dedicated to deliver high quality education to the students. Bedsides this, it is preaching humanity associated with this noble field. The college encourages its faculties to focus on each and every student and encourages them to overcome their shortcomings and appreciating their successes. To succeed in medical field, a student should have an interest to learn and should not stop learning. We offer a safe learning environment that promotes college and career readiness through varied course offerings. Once you are admitted in this institute you will feel the difference! It is homely and you will find this institute as a place where your academic career can flourish.

Dr. Imran Hanif

Vice Principal

Al Aleem Medical College aims to produce future doctors who will be professionally competent, excellent in ethical values and practice, cognizant of community health needs, research oriented, and latest health technologies, capable of meeting the global health challenges and are able to place themselves at national and international levels in a highly competitive environment. We opted for the latest modes of teaching and assessment methods, devised a human development system based curriculum focused on personal, professional and ethical development. We have hunted for the best teaching faculties who are trained at home and abroad including a dedicated supporting staff. Come join us in our strong will and desire for quality education and a bright future. We assure you that your efforts will not go in vain in the march towards creating the most efficient and prominent world class group of doctors.