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“Biochemistry marches on!” More you explore more you appreciate. Understanding a harmonious balance of biochemical processes at molecular level in the body helps to comprehend the fundamentals of Medicine, the “Science of Healing”. Biochemistry aims to understand how the lifeless molecules interact to make the complexity and efficiency of the life phenomena and to explain the diverse forms of life in chemical terms. What is common for all life forms (unity) and what is unique for one particular form (diversification).

The most essential skill of today’s physician is to apply integrated knowledge of separate basic sciences effectively in a clinical setting. Hence, the Department of Biochemistry at Al-Aleem Medical College GDEC Lahore endeavors to become a center of excellence that enhances and transfers knowledge about the basic and molecular basis of life through clinically relevant understanding of biochemistry to future medical doctors of 21st century.

Emphasis is given on developing the skills of professionalism and so that students are imbued with empathy, compassion, social responsibility and moral integrity. Working within teams in practical exercises, small group discussions, seminars and poster presentations will enhance their co-operativity, critical thinking, and problem solving & communication skills. This will enable them to evolve into future researchers, lifelong learners and community leaders.