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"Biochemistry marches on!" More you explore more you appreciate. Understanding a harmonious balance of biochemical processes at molecular level in the body helps to comprehend the fundamentals of Medicine, the "Science of Healing"

The Department of Biochemistry at Al-Aleem Medical College is presently engaged in equipping the students with basic knowledge of Biochemistry in integrated manner.


To inculcate the understanding of molecular events that govern normal physiological functions and pathological disturbances of human body in contextual manner.

Mission Statement:

  • Acquisition of knowledge of the subject in depth via various teaching/learning modalities strategies like interactive lecture sessions, team-based leaning (TBL), individual assignments, directed self-learning (DSL) and self-directed learning (SDL) .
  • Building attributes like cooperativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills through working within teams in practical demonstration exercises and small group discussions.
  • Enhancing the professionalism, communication and leadership qualities through class presentations .

Future Opportunities/Scope:

The department is committed to provide the research opportunity to its faculty and students who intent to, in collaboration with other departments and other institutes.

Department Goals:

The most essential skill of today’s physician is to apply integrated knowledge of separate basic sciences effectively in a clinical setting hence the special emphasis is given on the applied aspects to have a better command on human chemistry with relevance to common functional disturbances.