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Pharmacology department was established in August 2017. The teaching staff consists of assistant professor, senior demonstrators and demonstrators. All the staff is highly competent and can work even in the most challenging of environments. The staff is capable of inculcating the basic knowledge of the subject as well as the necessary details of all the required curriculum. Every member of the faculty has cordial relations with the faculties of other departments to make sure that there is integration, necessary to create a sound academic environment. The faculty will maintain a good correspondence and clear communication with students of MBBS as well as other Allied Health Sciences and their representatives.

Mission Statement:

Pharmacology & therapeutics span the basic mechanism of drug discovery, action, metabolism, distribution & elimination, along with studies of therapeutic or adverse effects that drugs/chemicals/xenobiotics have on biological system. With a vibrant department, our strategic objectives are to provide a dynamic & diverse academic environment that fosters innovative research and novel teaching ways in basic clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. It will also promote strong evidence-based teaching and training of our faculty & students.

Future Opportunities/Scope:

We are planning to introduce different and effective methods of teaching pharmacology. Special emphasis will be made on group study (small group discussions - SGDs, etc.), Team-Based Learning (TBL) and seminars/presentations to encourage students to participate confidently and to instill in them a spirit to learn pharmacology in a different style. We will teach the students to learn novel methods for learning experimental pharmacology and performing practicals. Efforts are being made to upgrade the institution to a university. The students and faculty will be encouraged to participate in the research activities.